General info

docker is a client which, among other things, allows for the pushing/pulling of container images to/from a registry.

Media type: application/vnd.docker.container.image.v1+json

Client homepage:



First, set the BB_USER environment variable to your Bundle Bar username:


Next, create a token in the Bundle Bar UI and copy it into your clipboard. Set it in the BB_TOKEN environment variable using one of the following commands:

 BB_TOKEN="<insert_token_here>"  # manual copy-paste
 BB_TOKEN="$(pbpaste)"           # with pbpaste
 BB_TOKEN="$(xclip -o)"          # with xclip

Note: the previous commands are intentionally prefixed with a space to prevent them from appearing in your history. This can be enabled in your shell with export HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth.

Finally, run the following command to log in to Bundle Bar using docker:

echo "$BB_TOKEN" | docker login -u $BB_USER --password-stdin


# 1. Create a to include in a Dockerfile
echo "Welcome to Bundle Bar" >

# 2. Create a Dockerfile to build an image from
cat > Dockerfile <<EOF
FROM scratch

# 3. Build the docker image
docker build -t$BB_USER/docker/welcome:v1 .

# 4. Push the artifact
docker push$BB_USER/docker/welcome:v1


# 1. Pull the artifact
docker pull$BB_USER/docker/welcome:v1

# 2. Check it out
docker inspect$BB_USER/docker/welcome:v1


Official docs

Please see

Bundle Bar CDN

Since docker is widely available, we do not host it on our CDN.